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Class B Random Source Dealers and Sales of Live Animals

Dealer Location License Number Total Live Animals Sold1 Gross Sales Income1
C&C Kennels2 Wewoka, OK Under Suspension3 2,395 $280,000
Cheri-Hill Kennel & Supply Stanwood, MI 34-B-0178 1,056 $77,800
Chestnut Grove Kennels, Inc* Shippensburg, PA 23-B-0174 975 $420,008
Hodgins Kennels, Inc Howell, MI 34-B-0002 1,882 $742,148
Kenneth Schroeder*2 Wells, MN 41-B-0017 1,484 $190,625
LBL Kennels Reelsville, IN 32-B-0045 3,055 $738,000
Mountain Top Kennels Wallingford, KY 61-B-0124 2,342 $169,225
Robert Perry Mt. Sterling, OH 31-B-0104 938 $241,314
R&R Research Howard City, MI 34-B-0001 1,885 $558,486
Triple C Farms St. Joseph, IL No longer licensed 606 $210,148
Whale Branch Animal Services, Inc Seabrook, SC 56-B-0109 N/A4 N/A4
Total 16,588 $3,627,754

These dealers are discussed in the report for supplying dogs and cats to colleges and universities and have also violated the Animal Welfare Act.

* Although Chestnut Grove Kennels and Ken Schroeder were not identified in the report as supplying dogs/cats to the schools in the sample, they also have AWA violations.

1Includes all animals sold for education, research, and testing from 2005-2007 (2004-2006 for C&C Kennels and Kenneth Schroeder).
2Animal sales are for 2004-2006.
3As of August 2008, under 5 year suspension.
4Data not obtained.
5USDA Class B dealer license expired on November 3, 2008.
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