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Biological Supply Companies and Sales of Dog and Cat Cadavers

Company1 Location Price Range for Cat Cadaver Price Range for Dog Cadaver
Carolina Biological Supply Burlington, NC $32.00-$81.75 $78.25-$95.00
Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Company Southampton, MA $49.50-$55.00 No dog cadavers
Delta Biologicals (Ranaco Corporation) Tucson, AZ $34.00-$52.00 No dog cadavers
Fisher Science Education (Fisher Scientific) Hanover Park, IL $40.80-$84.80 No dog cadavers
Nasco (The Aristotle Corporation) Modesto, CA & Fort Atkinson, WI $41.00-$72.25 No dog cadavers
Nebraska Scientific (Cyrgus Company, Inc.) Omaha, NE $42.38-$46.33 No dog cadavers
Sargeant’s Wholesale Biological Bakersfield, CA Information unavailable $84.95-$145.002
Sargent-Welch (science education division of VWR) Buffalo, NY $38.45-$79.95 No dog cadavers
Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories Tonawanda, NY $39.95-$75.95 No dog cadavers
The Bio Corporation Alexandria, MN $24.50-$47.00 No dog cadavers
Ward’s Natural Science Rochester, NY $34.95-$95.95 No dog cadavers

1List does not include all biological supply companies.
2May not be complete range. Information obtained from university records.
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