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AnimalearnThe American Anti-Vivisection Society

Find Out Where Animals Are Acquired

Animalearn's investigation revealed that dogs and cats used in higher education are coming from a number of sources:
Sources of Live Dogs and Cats Used for Higher Education, 2005-2007
College/University Class A Dealer Class B Dealer Pound Seizure1 Other Sources2
Auburn University X
Colorado State University, Fort Collins X
Iowa State University X3 X
Michigan State University, East Lansing X X X X
Oakland University, Rochester X
Ohio State University X
Oklahoma State University X X
Purdue University X X
Texas A&M University, College Station X X X
University Of California, Davis X
University of California, Santa Barbara X
University of Cincinnati X
University of Connecticut, Storrs X
University of Florida, Gainesville X X
University of Georgia, Athens X X
University of Illinois, Chicago X
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor X X
University of Minnesota, St. Paul X X X3
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill X
University of Oklahoma, Health Sciences Center X
University of Texas, Dallas4 X X
University of Texas, Southwest Medical Center X X
University of Washington, Seattle X X
University of Wisconsin, Madison X X

Dealer(s) in category are cited for Animal Welfare Act Violations.

Source for sales information: USDA APHIS Class B License Renewal Applications (for random source dealers featured in this report). Previous year’s sales figures are included in each application.

1Pound seizure column includes live animals only.
2Other sources include other university departments, other colleges and universities, and donations.
3These animals may have been used for beneficial spay/neuter surgeries and then returned to shelter.
4Stopped using cats in 2008. No dogs used.

Class B Random Source Dealers and Sales of Live Animals
Dealer Location License Number Total Live Animals Sold1 Gross Sales Income1
C&C Kennels2 Wewoka, OK Under Suspension3 2,395 $280,000
Cheri-Hill Kennel & Supply Stanwood, MI 34-B-0178 1,056 $77,800
Chestnut Grove Kennels, Inc* Shippensburg, PA 23-B-0174 975 $420,008
Hodgins Kennels, Inc Howell, MI 34-B-0002 1,882 $742,148
Kenneth Schroeder*2 Wells, MN 41-B-0017 1,484 $190,625
LBL Kennels Reelsville, IN 32-B-0045 3,055 $738,000
Mountain Top Kennels Wallingford, KY 61-B-0124 2,342 $169,225
Robert Perry Mt. Sterling, OH 31-B-0104 938 $241,314
R&R Research Howard City, MI 34-B-0001 1,885 $558,486
Triple C Farms St. Joseph, IL No longer licensed 606 $210,148
Whale Branch Animal Services, Inc Seabrook, SC 56-B-0109 N/A4 N/A4
Total 16,588 $3,627,754

These dealers are discussed in the report for supplying dogs and cats to colleges and universities and have also violated the Animal Welfare Act.

* Although Chestnut Grove Kennels and Ken Schroeder were not identified in the report as supplying dogs/cats to the schools in the sample, they also have AWA violations.

1Includes all animals sold for education, research, and testing from 2005-2007 (2004-2006 for C&C Kennels and Kenneth Schroeder).
2Animal sales are for 2004-2006.
3As of August 2008, under 5 year suspension.
4Data not obtained.
5USDA Class B dealer license expired on November 3, 2008.

Biological Supply Companies and Sales of Dog and Cat Cadavers
Company1 Location Price Range for Cat Cadaver Price Range for Dog Cadaver
Carolina Biological Supply Burlington, NC $32.00-$81.75 $78.25-$95.00
Connecticut Valley Biological Supply Company Southampton, MA $49.50-$55.00 No dog cadavers
Delta Biologicals (Ranaco Corporation) Tucson, AZ $34.00-$52.00 No dog cadavers
Fisher Science Education (Fisher Scientific) Hanover Park, IL $40.80-$84.80 No dog cadavers
Nasco (The Aristotle Corporation) Modesto, CA & Fort Atkinson, WI $41.00-$72.25 No dog cadavers
Nebraska Scientific (Cyrgus Company, Inc.) Omaha, NE $42.38-$46.33 No dog cadavers
Sargeant’s Wholesale Biological Bakersfield, CA Information unavailable $84.95-$145.002
Sargent-Welch (science education division of VWR) Buffalo, NY $38.45-$79.95 No dog cadavers
Science Kit & Boreal Laboratories Tonawanda, NY $39.95-$75.95 No dog cadavers
The Bio Corporation Alexandria, MN $24.50-$47.00 No dog cadavers
Ward’s Natural Science Rochester, NY $34.95-$95.95 No dog cadavers

1List does not include all biological supply companies.
2May not be complete range. Information obtained from university records.
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