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Personal Stories

"Dying to Learn" reveals the unfortunate truth that some former pets are ending up in teaching labs at U.S. public colleges and universities.  With the current foreclosure crisis causing many Americans to relinquish their animals to pounds and shelters, more pets are at risk of this fate, which may involve pain, loneliness, and even death. If you or someone you know has a story about a beloved pet who was brought to a pound or shelter, only to later discover that your pet was sold to an animal dealer or given directly over to a research facility, Animalearn would love to hear from you.  Your story could help us end the use of shelter animals in labs.

Victim of Pound Seizure: Meet Cruella

Cruella, a shepherd cross who was found in Carson City, Michigan, wearing a purple collar and chain, indicating that she was once someone’s companion animal. Considered a stray at the time, Cruella was housed in pen 20 at Montcalm County Animal Control until she was relinquished to R&R Research, a class B animal dealer, and became known simply as E6993. She remained at R&R for 6 months, likely spending most of her time alone, confined in a cage with limited human companionship. Read Cruella's Story »
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