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Learn how you can be a student advocate and make a difference for animals in higher education

Dissection and Student Rights Brochure
Dissection and Student Rights
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Student Advocate Brochure
Student Advocate
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Student / Educator Tool Kit

List of Alternatives to Animals

Establishing an Educational Memorial Program(EMP)

Passing a Student Choice Policy

Sample Student Choice Polcy

Sample No Random Source Policy

Borrow Alternatives from The Science Bank for FREE

Animalearn has created The Science Bank, our lending program of new and innovative life science software and educational products that enable educators and students to learn anatomy, physiology, and psychology lessons without harming animals, themselves, or the Earth. Our loan program has been offering products to thousands of people for over a decade, and has grown to be the largest free loan program of humane science alternatives in the United States. Animalearn also provides humane education curricula and materials free of charge for educators and students.
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