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Support Pet Safety and Protection Act

Dogs and Cats Need Your Help: Urge Support for the Pet Safety and Protection Act

In past issues of the Activate, we introduced our readers to Cruella, a shepherd mix from a small town in Michigan who was found wandering, wearing a purple collar and chain. Cruella was taken to a local pound and was later given to a random source Class B dealer, who, after holding her for six months, sold her to a university laboratory where she was killed after seven months. take action»
MSU Dog Labs Ended

MSU Dog Labs Ended

Starting in fall 2010, The College of Veterinary Medicine (CVM) at Michigan State University (MSU) will no longer require terminal surgery labs to teach veterinary students. Terminal surgery labs use healthy animals, particularly dogs, to practice surgical skills, after which the animals are killed.
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Help Stop the Sale of Shelter Animals

MI Residents: Help Stop the Sale of Shelter Animals

Michigan is home to three of the ten remaining random source Class B dealers in the United States. These dealers are making tens of thousands of dollars profiting off of the unfortunate pet overpopulation crisis. Michigan residents must speak out to end this exploitation.

Michigan residents contact your state representative and urge him or her to support H.B. 4663 and prevent the use of former pets in research facilities. take action»
End Pound Seizure in Montcalm County

Good News For Animals In Michigan!

Animalearn is happy to report that on August 1, 2009, Michigan’s Montcalm County officially ended its contract with R&R Research, a USDA-licensed Class B dealer that sells animals to research facilities.
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