Investigation Reveals Supply Line of Dogs and Cats in Higher Education “Dying to Learn: Exposing the Supply and Use of Dogs and Cats in Higher Education” documents the hidden practices of colleges and universities in which unscrupulous Class B dealers, who obtain animals from shelters, sell former pets to education facilities, where these animals are used, and often killed, for dissection and live surgeries in teaching laboratories. It traces the route that brings dogs like Cruella, a shepherd-mix from Michigan, to an unhappy end at university teaching labs. The result of a two-year investigation of animal acquisition and use at 92 public colleges and universities in the U.S, “Dying to Learn” reveals that 52% are using live and dead dogs and cats for teaching, despite the availability of viable alternatives. The report also dentifies specific schools that are obtaining animals from unethical sources. Read the reportRead Cruella's Story Where are colleges and universities acquiring dogs and cats to use in teaching labs? Take Action
MSU Dog Labs Ended
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